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Incorporated in 1892 and achieving official city status in 1992, Burnaby has the third largest city population in the province of British Columbia. It is home to the main campus of a multiple national and international higher education university, a popular polytechnic institute as well as a number of regional colleges. It is home to many high-tech companies and the largest shopping mall in British Columbia. Burnaby is undoubtable a world-class city with a thriving economy and with many businesses—both large and small, to serve the needs of its residents, however, it is also a west coast community and in keeping with the laid back and attuned to nature lifestyle, Burnaby is also home to many wellness and holistic healing establishments.

If you are seeking massage therapy in Burnaby, Elu Wellness is your destination as we are dedicated in providing you with the highest quality of care. Each treatment is customized to meet and exceed your needs and will incorporate techniques that are best suited to your condition and wants. Whether you are seeking massage therapy in Burnaby for relaxation or healing Elu Wellness is the ideal choice. Our non-clinical, professional and welcoming atmosphere promotes an air of calm and healing, and in line with the highest standards of Health Canada, we have carefully chosen all our cleaning and treatment products to ensure the most pleasing of environments.

Your massage therapy in Burnaby at Elu  Wellness will rival the experience of any upscale downtown boutique. The tranquil ambiance of the treatment room feels like an escape from the world outside and the thoughtful touches such as a niche for your personal effects along with our inviting décor helps to put you further at ease. Our luxury linens and indulgent heated fresh towels only help to enrich your experience while our signature green tea, rich with antioxidants, is offered at the end of every massage to round out the session to help further sooth and refresh you.

Getting to Elu Wellness for massage therapy in Burnaby is both easy and convenient. We a short walk from the Metrotown Station on the Expo Line of the SkyTrain or if you are driving, there is plenty of street parking available. If you plan on visiting the Metropolis at Metrotown shopping center before or after your visit with us, you could also park your vehicle in their lot.

The west coast lifestyle has long been considered to be more laid back and in tune with nature so it is not surprising that Burnaby, British Columbia has one of the highest parkland per resident ratios for cities in Canada. Numbering at over two hundred in the city, a quarter of its land is either parkland or some other form of open green space. Burnaby Lake, the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, Central Park and Deer Lake Park and just four of the largest and well-known so it is only fitting that a premiere boutique holistic healing establishment such as Elu Wellness is available for massage therapy in Burnaby.