Get Away from the Heat, Come Enjoy FREE Coconut Water, AC, and a Treatment
Exciting News: Elu Wellness Partners with BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water!

BC Orchard Coconut Water
Book a treatment and can a FREE BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water

Summer 2024 has been a real scorcher. During this heatwave, why don’t you come escape the heat with a RMT massage, bodyworker massage or acupuncture session in our air conditioned office.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that Elu Wellness is now a proud sponsor of BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water!

In our ongoing commitment to enhance your wellness experience, we are delighted to offer a FREE refreshing treat after every massage or acupuncture treatment. After every treatment you will receive a complimentary 200ml BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water to help you re-hydrate and rejuvenate.

What better way to finish off a treatment than with a FREE 200ml BC Orchard Coconut Water that is 100% natural, packed with essential electrolytes, and the perfect way to replenish your body.

We believe this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide holistic and health-focused services to our valued clients.

We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing the benefits of this exciting collaboration.

About BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water (200ml per box)

To learn more about BC Orchard visit their website at

Shop at any T&T location for BC Orchard or inquire at front desk to learn more about the product.

Their coconut water is made from the finest Vietnamese coconuts, preserving the most natural flavor.

The product is rich in amino acids, enzymes, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It contains no additives, preservatives, or any artificial sweeteners.

Coconut water is perfect for rehydrating your body after exercise, workouts, long trips, late-night work, studying, dining, banquets, and any other occasion!

Contains natural electrolytes that help regulate and replenish body fluids. It has lower sugar and sodium content compared to most energy drinks on the market, reducing the body’s burden while providing the necessary nutrients before and after workouts.

Rich in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure. It contains various vitamins and minerals to replenish the body’s nutritional needs.

Book your appointment today and experience the many benefits of a relaxing massage along with a FREE BC Orchard 100% Natural Coconut Water

Have Questions or Need Assistance? 

If you have any questions or need assistance with booking your appointment, please feel free to reply to this email or contact our friendly team at or call reception at 604-566-3930.

Enjoy a FREE Coconut Water, AC with any Treatment (RMT massage, bodyworker massage or acupuncture treatment) at Elu Wellness, the best massage clinic in Burnaby

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